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Get one on one with MysticOwl12 - Western Astrology and Karmic Astrology in Bacău right now. 30- years of experience in Karmic Astrology. Seeking GUIDANCE ? Need ANSWERS ? Highly Clairsentient Clairaudient Tarot Reader & Astrologer (+35 yrs) providing the Experienced Dedicated & Professional assistance YOU DESERVE TODAY ! Are YOU READY for the TRUTH ? I can offer you HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Guidance/Answers in ANY area of your life. ********************** WHAT I WORK WITH ************************* - I am CLAIRSENTIENT, CLAIRAUDIENT, highly EMPATHIC & INTUITIVE - TAROT cards, ORACLE cards, ANGEL/ARCHANGEL MESSAGE & HEALING cards, “Life Purpose” cards, ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDE cards ( plus MORE ) - ASTROLGY / PENDULUM READINGS ( YES/NO questions ) - RUNES / CRYSTALS / I-Ching - EDUCATION: I have an MA in Psychology / + 35 YEARS EXPERIENCE ============ FREE CHAT RULES/GUIDELINES ============ I provide a SANCTUARY for ALL WHO VISIT. PLEASE TREAT IT AS SUCH AT ALL TIMES. ABSOUTELY NO “FREE QUESTIONS” in My “FREE CHAT” . IF you REQUIRE ANSWERS/GUIDANCE/ADVICE & my UNDIVIDED ATTENTION, then please start a PRIVATE CONSULT ANY time I’m in Free Chat OR “ONLINE”. --------------------------- HOW I WORK IN PRIVATE CONSULT -------------------- I will first ask for your date of birth, to ensure a “connection”. I may use a pendulum to ask some yes/no questions. I can then Read Cards or Runes to get/confirm details. I may also consult your Natal Chart. I find these combinations highly effective, as my “TESTIMONIALS” from Members will reveal. ********************** WHAT I OFFER YOU ************************** I offer ANSWERS and GUIDANCE in the following areas: - IMMEDIATE/CURRENT questions or concerns ( “BURNING QUESTIONS” ) - LOVE & ROMANCE - RELATIONSHIPS of ALL kinds: romantic, business, personal - CAREER/ finances - TIMING of specific events/appointments - ASTROLOGY ( NATAL , LIFE PATH and PROGRESSED & TRANSITED Charts ) - ASTROLOGY lessons at beginner/intermediate/advanced level - MEDITATION instruction/lessons/advice - Pain Management instruction/advice ( physical & emotional ) - Information/instruction on CRYSTAL USE & THERAPY - Information/instruction on Feng-Shui -“COLOUR” therapy for chakra healing/cleansing ************ ABOUT ME ************ I am very highly intuitive, empathic, clairsentient & clairaudient, and I WAS BORN THAT WAY. When I was young, family & friends called me “different” or “sensitive”…and never really understood HOW I knew what I knew. It took me a long time to have some faith in my abilities and to understand them. That’s probably why I did a degree in Psychology… Over the years I’ve learned more about my “gifts” and how they can best be used. I developed a passion for Astrology and Tarot by my mid-teens AND HAVE NEVER STOPPED LEARNING ! My latest “ passion” is RUNES !! I find that ASTROLOGY is an excellent way to get an “x-ray” view of a person… to anticipate HOW they will tend to behave in different “areas” of their life or what their “style” will tend to be. ASTROLOGY looks at the “HOW” and “WHY”, then the TAROT can clarify/reveal the DETAILS. I am not generally a “MEDIUM” , although “messages” can & do come through and I will, ON OCCASION, do this work. I currently work as a Metaphysical Consultant ( for +35 years ). I also work/teach in the area of Chronic Pain Management ( physical & emotional ) using “Mindfulness Meditation” techniques ( along with MANY other modalities ). I am a firm believer in the benefits of MEDITATION. That’s where it all begins…that’s where you learn to re-connect with your Self ( your spirit/soul ). That’s where you can start to help yourself…to heal your own life, NO MATTER WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST ! I have an MA in Psychology ( Cognition/Perception ) BUT, I am NOT a PHYSICIAN. Neither am I a LAWYER ! ALL MEDICAL/LEGAL ISSUES MUST ALSO BE ADDRESSED BY THE APPROPRIATE PROFFESSIONAL ! MY PHILOSOPHIES: “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE/RESCUE YOUR LIFE”…and YOU ARE WORTH IT.” “ WE ARE NOT HERE, IN THIS LIFE, TO BE MISERABLE …OR TO CAUSE MISERY” ************ REVIEWS FOR MysticOwl *********** For a complete, current list, please see “ TESTIMONIALS “ on my Profile Page. “She was very helpful, insightful, and clear. My question was answered with clarity, and perception. Her cat even made an appearance. I would recommend her to anyone seeking psychic advice.” meggsmagic, Oroville The owl was very sincere compare to the other psychics I checked into... she was there to help me 100% instead of others where they just wanted me to go into the room. Thank you Owl. hansol00e, Melbourne I always go to MysticOwl12 for help. She is true to her words. I fell like every time I am stuck where I can't resolve it myself I ask her to lead me the way or to tell me what I need to do or what she sees. And I always have everything she says come true. She is the one and only!! She is the best. sara19angel, KC AWESOME!! ON POINT, 1 of the very few on here out of several psychics that was TOTALLY 100percent accurate, what Owl told me happened a week later when we shared just 1private 1on1 together. She's 1of my new life advisers now because of it ;) Totally I’d score her a 10 if I could. torresk1978, sioux city,Ia “This woman is so truthful, blunt, no bs, and will tell you straight up, thank you once again you made me see the light even more.xx Thank you xx God Bless, try her you will NOT be disappointed ..xx :) “ newhorizons12, bc Had a chart read with the owl, she has a way of looking at your chart, and seeing where you are at, and where you are going, focused on certain aspects of the chart and reads it to give truth yet also empowerment to yourself. Hit a lot of key points in such a way it leaves you wanting more and to delve into your own chart and see. Amazing astrologist and will challenge you to help you overcome your thoughts that aren't working for you. Thank you :) wanderingpsyche, vancouver She is awesome , straightforward, and genuine” thestruggler, crawley,uk I think she was very sweet and seemed to care about my issues. I would definitely speak with her again. ambercrombie_grl,Wapello She knows what she's talking about!!! Cache23, San Francisco -------------------------- FEEDBACK------------------- IT WOULD BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED IF YOU COULD TAKE A SECOND TO LEAVE “FEEDBACK” for MysticOwl. YOU CAN DO THIS SEVERAL WAYS: FOLLOWING a “Private” Consult, you will have the option to leave feedback. OR , you can always go to . Just provide my name “MysticOwl12”, and they will be happy to post your feedback. ******************** DISCLAIMER ******************* I am NOT a medical practitioner…( ie a PHYSICIAN), therefore I cannot give out medical advice; please seek help from a Physician. Any and all legal advice must be given by a LEGAL professional. THIS SITE IS INTENDED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY

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